Hello, I'm Nasim!

I'm a Toronto-based UX Designer with a background in Education and Management.

Even though I did not start my career in the creative field, I have always strived to solve problems by understanding what's needed and why it's needed in my career.  I discovered my passion for UX design when I was trying to build an online solution for graduate students who were seeking international funded positions in prestigious universities around the world. 

I base my designs on human-centered design principles and include human behaviors, needs, and constraints in every step of my process. I believe, in a time when the world is evolving faster than ever, designing for human needs and empathizing with the users have never been as crucial. 

Work with me? Let's do it!

If not in here for work, I'd love to connect & chat about UX!

Virtual Coffee? Great! anything but decaff! ☕️


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